Shortly after getting married in 2016, Jenifer and Imri Shwartz opened a bakery. With over 30 years of experience between them, Jenifer worked as the pastry chef and Imri was the founder/business manager. Although the operation was small to start, it began to grow and establish more accounts.

Then 2020 hit and literally all of our accounts were lost in one week. We had a long and hard struggle to keep the business open during Covid and support our four young daughters. We focused our efforts on developing cookie recipes with a twist.

Cookies for a Cause

This past year of Covid has been a humbling experience to us as a family-business. We are very grateful to have each other and the ability to give back.

We have several cookies that benefit charities. For each cookie sold, we will donate $1. Different cookies benefit different charities. We truly believe a small impact can have a big difference!

Covid Strong

In August 2020, Jenifer had a life-threatening battle with Covid and had ongoing health issues from it. After surviving a mini stroke, viral pneumonia and meningitis, 10 months later she finally made a full recovery.

After this experience, we decided to rebuild our business with a goal to help the world, one cookie at a time! We hope each box is met with a smile and a warmth that comes from the heart.

Our delivery boxes include an inspiring note. We hope you'll take these cards and give to someone else. Sometimes the smallest gestures have the biggest impact.

Kindness Counts

Help spread love, positivity and inspiration